Round Flat Fire Pit Pan with Brass Bullet Burner

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The Round Flat Fire Pit Pan with Brass Bullet Burner from The Outdoor Plus is the ideal high-quality burner/pan combo for your fire pit project.

The Outdoor Plus company is famous for its handcrafted unique Bullet Burners manufactured at their factory in California.

Compared to a standard burner of the same size, a Bullet Burner produces a flame twice as high and consumes less gas in the process. 

This gas consumption factor makes Bullet Burners an efficient choice for commercial installations in which the burner will operate over long hours.

The savings in gas usage will quickly offset the higher initial outlay. 

Mounting a fire pit burner on a pan has several advantages:

  1. it provides a stable and secure fixing for the burner
  2. restricts the seepage of unburnt gas downwards
  3. creates a false bottom on which to place fire pit media
  4. simplifies the whole fire pit structure construction
  5. neatly hides all the plumbing

A flat pan facilitates fixing at any height within the fire pit structure that the design requires, and is totally invisible after installing your fire pit glass or lava rock.

The Outdoor Plus produces high-quality fire pit pans from 304 grade stainless steel; they are incredibly durable and able to withstand high temperatures and rapid cooling rigors. Not to mention anything the weather can throw at it.

These trays will drain via the weep holes in the tray base to prevent flooding, and the burner has supporting brackets attached to the tray for stability.

Round Flat Tray with Bullet Burner Drawing

The Brass Bullet burners have a Lifetime Warranty. 

The Round Flat Tray with Bullet Burner combo is available in seven sizes ranging from 18 inches to 60 inches in diameter, and from 50,000 to 380,000 BTUs.

Round Flat Fire Pit Pan with Brass Bullet Burner Specifications:

Sizes 18″ to 30″ have a 1/2″ Gas Inlet

Sizes 36″ to 60″ have a 3/4″ Gas Inlet

Burner & BTU Ratings

  • 18″ Diameter has an 8″ Burner with a 50,000 BT/hr Rating
  • 18″ Diameter has a 12″ Burner with a 75,000 BT/hr Rating
  • 24″ Diameter has an 18″ Burner with a 110,000 BT/hr Rating
  • 30″ Diameter has a 24″ Burner with a 145,000 BT/hr Rating
  • 36″ Diameter has a 30″ Burner with a 180,000 BT/hr Rating
  • 48″ Diameter has a 36″ Burner with a 220,000 BT/hr Rating
  • 60″ Diameter has a 48″ Burner with a 385,000 BT/hr Rating
Bullet Burner Dimensions
Round Flat Tray with Bullet Burner Dimensions Guide

Bullet Burners do not require an air mixer valve when connected to a propane gas supply.

If you need a compatible Gas Connection Kits manufactured by The Outdoor Plus please follow this link to The Outdoor Plus Gas Connection Kits

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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The Magic Of Fire Hit it Out of the Park!

We are extremely please with the bullet burner we ordered from The Magic Of Fire but even more pleased with Mark Oakley's customer service. He went out of his way to help us make this purchase successful. We now have an amazing fire pit that is an awesome destination in our new back yard. Thank you Mark!!!