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Rectangular Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Fire Pit Pan

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Rectangular Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Fire Pit Pan with H-Burner

The beautiful finish starts with a proprietary coating process that is hand sanded and finished by our artisans. Because each piece is hand finished, the depth of color and texture will vary from the images shown; each piece is truly a work of art.

Rectangular Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Fire Pit Pan - Top View
Oil Rubbed Bronze Rectangular Fire Pit Tray – Top View

Easy Installation 

Rectangular drop-in burner pans come with a convenient 1 1/4 lip so that they can easily be inserted into your fire pit. Fire pit pans give fire pits a false bottom which significantly reduces the amount of fire glass you will need because the pans create the illusion that the entire fire pit is full of fire glass, whereas only the top portion of it is. You get an amazing fire display with minimal fire glass!

Extremely Durable and User Friendly

Made of stainless steel, these round drop-in burner pans are extremely durable and have been designed to withstand extreme heat and harsh weather without sustaining any damage or rust. Each pan is also fitted with a convenient 1/2″ gas inlet for easy attachment to a propane or natural gas supply.

(Please note: For propane applications, a propane air mixer is required)

These rectangular trays are available in 5 sizes:

Pan Size 18″ x 6″  –  BTU Rating 70,000  – Cut-Out Size 19″ x 7″  – Fire Glass Capacity 20lbs

Pan Size 28″ x 8″  –  BTU Rating 120,000  – Cut-Out Size 25″ x 9″  – Fire Glass Capacity 25lbs

Pan Size 30″ x 10″  –  BTU Rating 125,000  – Cut-Out Size 31″ x 11″  – Fire Glass Capacity 35lbs

Pan Size 36″ x 12″  –  BTU Rating 165,000  – Cut-Out Size 37″ x 13″  – Fire Glass Capacity 50lbs

Pan Size 48″ x 14″  –  BTU Rating 219,000  – Cut-Out Size 49″ x 15″  – Fire Glass Capacity 80lbs

Note: Fire Glass is not Included


Rectangular Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Fire Pit Pan, Specifications:

Pan Depth; 2.5″ Deep
Material: Hand-crafted with high-quality stainless steel
Finish: Hand finished Oil Rubbed Bronze
Features: Holes in the burner are drilled and not punched (punched holes can cause a loud whistle)
Includes: Built-in 1/2″ gas inlet on the bottom of burner for easy installation
Use in: Outdoor vented natural or propane gas burning fire feature ONLY
Special note: MUST use our propane adapter for converting to liquid propane
Warranty: 5 Year manufacturer warranty

This component is also available as part of the American Fire Glass range of fire pit kits. Fully integrated kits ready for easy installation.


American Fire Glass also manufactures Steel Fire Pit Lids to match these trays.

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