Rectangular Flat Fire Pit Pan with Linear Bullet Burner by The Outdoor Plus

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Rectangular Flat Fire Pit Pan with Linear Bullet Burner by The Outdoor Plus

Handcrafted at their California factory, The Outdoor Plus takes pride in its ‘Made In America’ credentials for the Rectangular Flat Fire Pit Pan with Linear Bullet Burner.

Bullet Burners utilizes patented nozzles which produce flames twice as tall as standard burners. However, if the gas flow is dialed down to achieve the same flame height as a standard fire pit burner, the Flat Flame Technology ensures more efficient gas usage.

This versatile combo can be retrofitted into an existing fire pit or incorporated into new projects. For those seeking a larger flame, it’s hard to beat the impressive performance of a Bullet Burner fire pit.

Fire Pit Pan

The Flat Tray is 8″ wide. There are 9 lengths to choose from.

Fire Pit Bullet Burner

Bullet Burners are compatible with natural gas and liquid propane setups, thanks to the patented Bullet Technology eliminating the necessity for an LP air mixer.

A Linear, Stainless Steel Fire Pit Bullet Burner up close

Rectangular Flat Fire Pit Pan with Linear Bullet Burner Specifications

Gas inlet: 3/4″ for 84″ and 96″long pans

Gas inlet: 1/2″ for all pans except the 84″ and 96″ long pans

  • 24″ x 8″ Pan with 18″ Burner – BTU’s 40,000
  • 36″ x 8″ Pan with 30″ Burner – BTU’s 60,000
  • 48″ x 8″ Pan with 42″ Burner – BTU’s 80,000
  • 60″ x 8″ Pan with 48″ Burner – BTU’s 100,000
  • 72″ x 8″ Pan with 60″ Burner – BTU’s 120,000
  • 84″ x 8″ Pan with 72″ Burner – BTU’s 140,000
  • 96″ x 8″ Pan with 84″ Burner – BTU’s 170,000

Compatible Accesories

For a compatible Gas Connection Kit manufactured by The Outdoor Plus please see The Outdoor Plus Gas Connection Kits listing


Rectangular Flat Fire Pit Pan with Linear Bullet Burner Specification-Sheets

General Fire Pit Manual

Prop 65 Warning

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the state of California to cause

Customer Reviews

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The Magic Of Fire Customer Service

I rarely ever write a review (this might be my 2nd or 3rd in lifetime. Not good, I know!); however, in this case The Magic Of Fire customer service leaves me no choice.

I am building 2 DIY firepit/features and needed 2 burners and my good fortune landed me with The Magic of Fire. They were great and spent countless hours and followed up with me multiple times to learn about my project and recommended the best burners for my project.
I was especially impressed by their knowledge, patience and caring.
I placed my order and have already received them; timely as promised. They look to be perfect burners for my project (thanks Mark!) although I am still in the process of building the firepits. I will definitely post an update and maybe some pictures when done. My only feedback on improvement would be better packaging (more cushions) from the manufacturer (burners shipped directly from Manufacturer not from The Magic of Fire).
Everyone at The Magic of Fire was super Knowledgeable, helpful, patient and selling you only what is right/best for your project even if it total$ le$$ than what you thought you would need for the project.
I feel very lucky and super glad I ended up choosing The Magic of Fire! Will buy again and highly recommend!
Thanks "The Magic of Fire"!!! and special thanks to Mark!!!