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Classic Fire Glass 1/2 Inch Cobalt Blue

Classic Fire Glass 1/2 Inch Cobalt Blue is a striking color that has been used in many brilliant glass displays. Our 1/2″ cobalt fire glass will allow your customers to recreate that beauty in their own homes.

This glass has the same stunning cobalt color of our 1/4″ cobalt fire glass, but produces a completely different effect, it’s chunkier.

This allows for more air circulation, which leads to a larger, more impressive flame.

Our Classic Fire Glass 1/2 Inch Cobalt Blue is a great choice for decor that is dominated by blue or earthen colors. It will transform any fireplace into a stunning display of decorative art. To make it even more attractive, mix it with clear fire glass.

The liquid-like flames that appear to dance on top of the cobalt fire glass bed create a magical fire display that will captivate all who see it.

Classic Fire Glass 1/2 Inch Cobalt Blue
Classic Fire Glass 1/2 Inch Cobalt Blue

A Practical Alternative to Ceramic Logs & Stones

Cobalt fire glass is a practical alternative to ceramic logs and stones. The cobalt fire glass can cover the entire fire feature’s floor, hiding any unseemly tubes and pipes that are sometimes visible in gas fireplaces or fire pits.

Fire glass is a better alternative to ceramic logs and stones. Fire glass is extremely durable, safe and long-lasting.

The 1/2″ cobalt fire glass is made from brand new glass, which is not tumbled and tempered to perfection. It can withstand extreme temperatures up to 1300 F without losing its color, shine or form. It will not smelt, change color, or become brittle even after years of continuous use.

Our fire glass has another appealing feature: it doesn’t emit smoke, soot or ash. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Classic Fire Glass 1/2 Inch Cobalt Blue Specifications:

  • Material: Non-tumbled, color-infused tempered glass processed to perfection
  • Type: Non Reflective Color: Cobalt
  • Use: In fire bowls, fire pits, and fireplaces
  • Size: 1/2 inch thick
  • Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
  • Quality Control: Stringent multi-step QC process at our factory in the USA
  • Cleaning: Easy cleaning, Rinse with vinegar and water (50:50) as required
  • Maintenance: Remove any kind of debris before lighting – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

How much fire glass will you need?

The easy way is to use our fire glass calculator to work it out. At the very least you need to cover the burner with your fire glass, which could range from 1.5″ to 4″ depending on your set up. If you are using a ‘drop-in’ tray we recommend filling it until the glass is flush with the top of the tray.

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