Square Fire Pit Burner - Burners / HPC Fire

36" Square Fire Pit Burner
36" Square Fire Pit Burner
Square Fire Pit Burner - Burners / HPC Fire
Square Fire Pit burner - Burners / HPC Fire
Square Fire Pit Burner - Burners / HPC Fire
24" Square Fire Pit Burner
18" Square Fire Pit Burner
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The square fire pit rings are a very popular item and we can see why. With the versatility to make a small fire pit or fire feature down to 12” and the ability to make them as large as 48” the possibilities are as endless as your build. We have see builds that have two or even three laid side by side making a beautiful and large fire feature with it’s own unique look.

Lifetime Warranty

This Product is Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty

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  • Raised Hub Design
  • Stagger Port Burner Holes
  • #304 Stainless Steel
  • LP Kits- Tuned Gas Air Mixer Included

Square Fire Pit Burner Specifications



HPC Fire

HPC Fire, over the years, has become synonymous with innovation and quality within the Fire Pit Industry.

All their products are offered with a broad range of control and styling options. Their designs are elegant and packed with innovative technology.

Like all leading manufacturers in the fire pit industry, stainless steel features strongly as their primary production material, allowing HPC Fire to back all of their burners and fire pit trays with a Lifetime Warranty.

HPC Fire is proud that its product range carries the most CSA Certifications of any company in the industry.

Of course, they are best known for their Penta Burner, which has gained almost a cult following due to its excellent performance when the gas is turned down low and its very realistic campfire-style flame pattern.

HPC Fire manufacture very high-quality products with innovative technology and elegant designs. You can't go wrong using HPC Fire products as the basis of your fire pit project, whether for home installation or a commercial project.

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