Portable Electronic Fire Pit Remote Control

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Portable Electronic Fire Pit Remote Control

The Portable Electronic Remote Control presents a user-friendly solution for managing your fire pit’s ignition system with ease. Designed to seamlessly integrate with any Plug & Play 120 VAC Smart Electronic Ignition System (SWEIS) from The Outdoor Plus, this remote control system streamlines operation for effortless use.

Setting up is a breeze: simply plug the receiver into a grounded outlet within the fire pit structure, and connect the 120 VAC SWEIS to the receiver using its convenient power cord with a plug.

The Receiver will interrupt the electrical circuit to the fire pit, effectively cutting off power to the unit as needed allowing for remote lighting from a distance of approximately 20 feet.

What distinguishes this system is its rapid and tool-free installation process — just plug it in and you’re ready to enjoy. With no programming required, it’s exceptionally user-friendly and hassle-free to operate.

The battery-powered Remote Transmitter enhances convenience by offering selectable codes for multiple units.

In summary, this system delivers a convenient and secure method to savor your outdoor fire feature with remote control functionality.


Portable Electronic Fire Pit Remote Control User Guide