On Off Weatherproof Wall Switch by American Fire Glass

American Fire Glass
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On Off Weatherproof Wall Switch by American Fire Glass

Safeguarded within a protective enclosure for outdoor use, the on-off wall switch is shielded from weather elements like rain, snow, and UV exposure, ensuring safe operation.

The On Off Weatherproof Wall Switch by American Fire Glass provides the simplest solution for controlling your electronic ignition gas fire feature. Its uncomplicated on/off design allows easy management from a convenient location.

  • Installation: The wall switch is integrated into the electrical power supply line leading to the electronic ignition system of the fire pit.
  • Functionality: Once set up, the wall switch becomes a straightforward on/off control interface for the electronic ignition system.
  • Convenience: Wall switches are commonly positioned in easily accessible spots close to the fire pit, such as on a nearby wall or post. This positioning enables users to manage the fire pit’s operations conveniently without direct interaction with the fire pit itself.
  • Enhanced Safety: Integrating a wall switch not only offers basic operation for electronic ignition but also serves as a crucial safety measure for remote-controlled fire features. Users can promptly and conveniently deactivate the system during emergencies. It also fulfills maintenance requirements.

Key Features:

  • Conveniently control your gas fire feature from a wall location.
  • Straightforward on/off functionality for effortless operation.
  • Weatherproof design permits installation outdoors.
  • In some cases, regulatory standards may require visibility of switches or outlets, and a transparent cover ensures compliance with these requirements while providing the necessary protection.
  • The cover serves to prevent accidental ignitions, enhancing safety and peace of mind.