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Firegear Round Drop-In Match Throw Tray



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Firegear Round Drop-In Match Throw Tray

  • Key valve with key valve cover and 12” key
  • Fully adjustable flame height
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • Each unit ships with a 46” tranquiline flex line and all fittings necessary for installation
  • Pans available in round / square / flat configurations in a variety of sizes
  • Ships as Natural Gas, LP Conversion Kits available
  • Warranty: Five (5) years on stainless steel components. Two (2) years on gas valve, spark ignition components. Commercial Applications: One (1) year on all parts.

How to Light

1. Insert key into shut-off valve and secure key onto square end of the valve.
2. Light a long match or butane lighter and hold it near the burner.
3. Slowly turn the key counter-clockwise inside the gas valve (until it stops, which allows the gas to flow) and simultaneously apply the long burning match or Butane lighter as close to the end of the burner as possible.
4. To turn off the fire pit, insert key into key valve, turn the key clockwise until you feel a hard stop and the gas will shut off.

Fire Gear Match Light Round Drop In Specifications 

Firegear MT Parts Diagram


Firegear Outdoors

Dennis Smith conceived the idea of Firegear in a coffee shop in June of 2003.

The company started in a small room in the basement of his home, and its first product was a small gas log set, which proved to be very popular.

However, it didn’t take long for Dennis to decided that the gas log business was highly competitive and oversubscribed.

As a result, Firegear changed direction and concentrated 100 % on the outdoor fire products.

It didn’t take long for Firegear Outdoors to become one of the premier manufacturers, specializing in innovative burner systems and outdoor fire features.

In 2013 Firegear was acquired by Skytech Direct Inc and continued to flourish within that partnership, as Firegears reputation for the highest quality products grew.

More recently, in 2019, Firegear Direct was acquired by AMD Direct, the company responsible for the well known Summerset range of Grills.

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