Wind Guards for Fire Pits

A Wind Guard Allows You to Safely Enjoy Your Fire Pit in Breezy Conditions

Wind Guards for fire pits are by far the most popular fire pit accessory. Like any good accessory, it doesn’t just look good; it improves the user experience.

If you live in a location where it is breezy, then you will already know that lighting your fire pit in those windy conditions can be ill-advised.

The flame becomes blown around, and it’s risky to get anywhere near it under those circumstances, and you will probably turn off the fire pit.

All is not lost though, the addition of a screen around the base of the flame is very effective. It keeps the flame centralized and helps prevent it from blowing around excessively.

In the product reviews submitted by customers, one of the recurring comments is that they are surprised at how well these wind guard work.

Interestingly, many customers also comment that they think the wind guard provides an aesthetic improvement to their fire pit, a ‘finishing touch’ if you will.

The combination of a fire pit and being outdoors is a pretty harsh environment, and a good quality wind must be manufactured from tempered glass. At The Magic Of Fire, all the wind guards we stock are made from tempered glass. All the edges of the glass are polished for safety.

Of course, the fittings that hold the glass panes together also need to be very durable. The most common type is Polished Aluminum Fire-Resistant Brackets.

Heat resistant ‘grippy’ feet keep the wind guard securely in place and prevent scratching of the top surface of your fire pit.

Wind Guard Features

What Size Wind Guard Do I Need?

A wind must never sit on the fire glass or lava rock; it should sit on the top surface of your fire feature straddling the fire pit burn area.

Manufacturers recommend leaving a gap of at least 2 3/4 inches on all sides between the fire pit burn area and the wind guard. For example, a 30-inch square fire pit tray will need a wind guard that measures at least 35 1/2 inches square.

Brand loyalty is not necessary, as long as you select a wind guard size that provides the minimum recommended clearance of 2 3/4 inches all around.

However, manufacturers design their wind guards to fit their range of fire pit trays, and they also supply Fire Pit Lids. The advantage of staying within a brand is that the three items, the fire pit tray, the wind guard, and the fire pit lid, are all designed to integrate.

The Fire Pit Lid will fit just inside of the wind guard, allowing it to be put on or removed without having to remove the wind guard. It all fits perfectly together.

A Wind Guard allows you to safely use your fire pit in breezy conditions when without one, it may not be possible to do so, which means you can spend more time with your family and friends around your fire pit.

This is probably why the humble fire pit Wind Guard is the most popular fire pit accessory.

Wind Guard and Fire Pit Lid