Square Fire Pit Wind Guard

HPC Square Fire Pit Wind Guard
HPC Square Fire Pit Wind Guard
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Square Fire Pit Wind Guard  

Let’s spend the evening around the fire pit with the neighbors you think to yourself. Great idea, I’ll give them a call and set everything up for eight o’clock. Pam and Steve arrive from next door  and we light up the fire pit, it has a great flame and everybody loves watching it dance over the fire glass.

Just 10 minutes later the wind starts gusting, one minute you’re feeling the chill and the next your eye brows are singed as the fire pit flame leaps unpredictably all over the place. Then the wind picks up a little more, no question I’ll have to turn off the fire pit. It puts a bit of a dampener on the evening as we move back indoors.

If you live in a breezy location this can happen more times than you would like, but the solution is relatively simple and very effective. Which is probably why a Glass Fire Pit Wind Guard is the top selling fire pit accessory, it’s simple and it works.

A Wind Distorted Fire Pit Flame 

Even a gentle breeze can distort the flame considerably!

 HPC provides a high-quality glass wind guard specially designed to complement as well as provide additional safety for fire pit inserts of all shapes, round, square, rectangle and linear.

These feature a durable tempered glass construction to ensure a long-lasting, heat resistant product. Wind guards reduce flame disturbance of your fire pit and prevent loose items from getting too close to the flames.

HPC Square Fire Pit Wind Guard


Tempered Glass – Heavy duty 3/16” clear glass is tempered to improve durability and allow it to withstand high temperatures. Depending on wind guard size- 4 or 6 sections complete the desired shape.

  • Brackets- Polished aluminum brackets and plastic support feet provided.
  • All HPC Square Wind Guards stand 6″ tall and are made up of 4 pieces of glass


Select a wind guard size that is at least 5 inches larger overall than your fire pit opening ( 2 1/2″ on all four sides )

Allow several hours to pass after turning off the fire pit before touching the wind guard. The glass gets very hot!

Hot Glass Warning Note


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