Square Burners for fire pits fulfill a particular role. Designed for use in square fire pits, more often than not, though, round burners are used instead.

The difference is purely aesthetic; the square burner takes the footprint of the flame closer to the corners of the fire pit.

A round burner in a square fire pit makes the footprint of the flame ‘cut the corners.’

Square?Round Burner Comparison

As it is a particular product, not all manufacturers have a square burner in their product range. At TheMagicOfFire.com, we feature square burners from HPC Fire and the Outdoor Plus company.

Square Burners from HPC Fire

Ranging from 12 to 48 inches square HPC Fires burners are manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and have a Lifetime Warranty.

Their square burners feature a raised central gas hub to prevent water from entering your gas lines and valve. The offset drilled gas ports provide a better gas flow and flame spread.

The Standard Capacity burners have a 1/2 inch female gas inlet; the High Capacity units have a 3/4 inch gas inlet.

These burners are suitable for use with either natural gas or propane. The propane burners include the Air Mixer Valve required for propane use.

Square Burner from HPC Fire
Square Burner from HPC

Square Burners from The Outdoor Plus

The Outdoor Plus company has a range of square burners starting at 6 inches square to 60 inches square.

Interestingly, the 48 and 60-inch square units each have two gas inlets on the burner.

Feeding gas into a large burner via two precisely positioned inputs ensures a more even gas distribution throughout the burner.

Which, in turn, creates an even flame over the entire footprint of the burner.

Like all quality fire pit burners, these are manufactured from Stainless Steel at the factory in California.

The raised central hub prevents water from getting into the gas lines.

The Outdoor Plus also offers a Lifetime Warranty on all Stainless Steel burners.

If a square burner is what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.