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S Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burner - SFIRE / HPC

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S Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burner is a linear burner with a twist. If you want to create a relatively narrow fire pit, but one with a little something different, an S Burner could be the way to go.

To ensure that the ‘S’ is well defined when alight, the burner ports are closer together to create a distinctive ‘S’ flame pattern.

These S Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burners from HPC fire are manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and come with a Lifetime Warranty and are available in Natural Gas and Propane versions.

They also feature the HPC Raised Hub design to prevent water from entering the gas line and valve.

When selecting an S Burner, the dimensions quoted represent the overall straight length of the unit. The width dimension refers to the widest point of the burner across the ‘S.’

The fire pit structure needs to be at least six inches bigger than the length and width dimensions of the burner and ideally mounted on to a flat pan or drop-in tray.

Always mount the burner with the gas ports facing up.

S Stainless Steel Fire Pit Burner Specifications:

HPC S Fire Pit Burner Specification Table

Select Size

30 Inches, 36 Inches, 48 Inches, 60 Inches, 72 Inches

Select Gas Type

Natural Gas, Propane

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