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Round Flat Pan and Burner Flame Sense Ignition The Outdoor Plus OPT-1100xxBPFSML

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Round Flat Pan and Burner Flame Sense Ignition

Like all of The Outdoor Plus products this burner/pan combination is made to order from materials sourced in the USA.

The Flat Pan with Flame Sense Ignition is a Match Lit system that provides the additional safety level of flame monitoring, without the necessity of an electrical feed.

These system are powered by battery.

There are three pan sizes available in the range, 12, 18 and 24 inches diameter, with single or double ring stainless steel burners fitted as appropriate.

Both the pan and burner are manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel. The Pan has several drainage holes.

Burners are supplied with The Outdoor Plus Lifetime Warranty and the system is CSA Certified.

Anatomy of a Fire Pit Burner
Anatomy of a Fire Pit Burner

The burners have a raised central hub to prevent water ingress into the gas line. There are also drain holes in the side of the burner ring to prevent build up of water within the burner ring. When alight, gas will escape from these drain holes. To prevent unwanted hot-spots developing in the pan, these ‘side’ flames from the drain holes have a deflector shield to redirect the flame in an upwards direction.

Anchoring tabs are fitted to ensure that the burner is securely located on the pan and to prevent movement and distortion.

All the gas holes are drilled not punched to create a smoother gas flow, better flame and reduce the risk of whistling.

These pan/burner combos are suitable for either natural gas or liquid propane applications

Flame Sense Ignition System

The CSA Certified Flame Sense System provides an extra level of safety by constantly monitoring the presence of the flame.

Should the flame extinguish for any reason, the system will detect this and automatically will shut of the gas supply.

This process prevents the potentially dangerous build up of a gas cloud.

The unit is battery powered and does not require an 110v feed.

Round Flat Pan and Burner Flame Sense Ignition
Round Flat Pan and Burner Flame Sense Ignition


Round Flat Pan and Burner Flame Sense Ignition Specifications:

Gas Inlet

Pan Size

Part #

Burner Size


1/2 Inch

12 Inch Diameter


6 Inches Dia


1/2 Inch 

18 Inch Diameter


12 Inches Dia


1/2 Inch ( 2R )

24 Inch Diameter


18 Inches Dia


Note: ( 2R ) denotes a double ring burner

Round Flat Pan and Burner Flame Sense Ignition Manual:




The Outdoor Plus

The Outdoor Plus ( T.O.P. ) company is rightly proud of its Made in America badge.

They manufacture, by hand, all their fire pits, fire bowls, fire and water features, and burners at their 70,000 square foot facility in Ontario, California.

With 75 years of experience, it is no surprise that they are among the most innovative companies in our industry. Not only with their designs, but also with the materials that they utilize.

The Outdoor Plus was one of the first companies to use Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC ) and Corten Steel to manufacture fire pits.

They are renowned for their fire and water features too.

Fire and Water Bowl

Across all their fire pit ranges, there is a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes available. You would be hard-pressed not to find just what you need.

If the more traditional look is what you need, the range of copper fire pits and fire bowls is stunning.

However, The Outdoor Plus company is probably best known for its patented Bullet Burners.

The Outdoor Plus Bullet Burner
The Outdoor Plus Bullet Burner

These remarkable Fire Pit Burners produce a much taller flame than conventional burners and amazingly use less gas doing so!

Download The Outdoor Plus catalog and take your time browsing the products and getting inspired for your project.

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