Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing by HPC Fire

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Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing by HPC Fire

This is HPC’s mid-range system, it sits between Match Lit and Electronic Ignition kits:

  • It incorporates both safety features and a fire pit spark ignition kit. The valve box houses both the control knob and the push button for the igniter.
  • It utilizes safety pilot flame control so if a loss of flame is detected, the system will turn off the gas supply preventing a potentially hazardous build-up or pooling of gas. In fact, the Flame Sense provides the same level of safety as the pricier Electronic Ignition Systems.
  • The Push Button Spark Ignition system ignites the fire pit and the valve control knob regulates the flame.
  • The ignition system is battery-operated, so no AC power is required.



What are the Options when ordering

This kit comes in a range of sizes and gas options to ensure that you end up with the ideal fire pit kit for your requirements.

Select Your Size
There are five sizes available. HPC is currently phasing out the standard burner this model will only be available with a Torpedo Burner which is set to become the new HPC “standard”.

The Torpedo H-Burner, features a nozzle that is precision-engineered and according to HPC develops a bigger, warmer flame without excessive gas consumption. For more detailed information regarding the exciting new range of Torpedo Burners, please refer to the following page SST Torpedo Burners From HPC Fire

Select Your Gas
The kits are available for use with natural gas, propane or small tank propane, be sure to select the correct option.


How does it Work?

The Push Button Flame Sense Fire Pit Kit once installed is remarkably easy to use.

  • Lighting: To light your fire pit, you simultaneously press the valve control knob, which supplies gas to the pilot light, and the ignition button to create a spark. Once the pilot has lit, you can release the spark button but keep the valve control knob open for another 20 seconds or so. Then turn the valve control knob counterclockwise to light the fire pit Torpedo Penta Burner.
  • Flame Adjustment: The flame height adjusts via the valve control knob. Counterclockwise increase flame height and clockwise will reduce it. 
  • Turning Off: Close down the fire pit by turning the valve control button clockwise and depress it slightly at the off position.
  • Flame Sensing: The system will turn off the gas if the flame is lost.

Push Button Flame Sensing Control Box

The Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing / HPC Fire Components

This unit comes fully assembled and ready to install with Control components protected within the valve box. These Fire Pit kits comprise of a Stainless Steel Rectangle Insert, H-Burner, FPPK Control Box, and flex line hose.
HPC Rectangle Bowl Inserts are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel, the base of which has weep holes to prevent the accumulation of water. The side walls help with media retention as well as adding rigidity to the pan structure. The Pans are 2.5″ deep. The Lip is 1.25″. The drop-in pan design makes for a straightforward, easy installation process, in which the pan sits within a cutout of the top surface of the fire pit structure, supported by the generous lip. 
Sizing information: The size of the pan reflects the inside diameter of the pan (the base) and does not include the 1.25” lip


Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing by HPC Fire Specifications

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Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing by HPC Fire Features:

HPC Fire incorporates several features into its designs with the objective in mind to ensure its products function safely, and correctly, and have a long lifespan. Here are a few examples:

  • Water infiltration into the burner and then running back through the gas lines is a significant issue. Both HPC Standard Burners and Torpedo Burners deal with this in several ways. Each of the five-burner lobes has weep holes allowing any water that got in to drain out of the burner before it flows back into the gas lines. The center hub of the burner is raised and sealed to prevent water from leaking into the burner.
  • Spiders, yes spiders! Spiders are attracted to the smell of Propane and build nests in and around Propane gas fittings, often creating a blockage. As a result, on all CSA Certified Kits, HPC supplies a mesh spider guard to prevent the spiders from building their nests and creating a blockage.


Key features:

  • Kits supplied fully assembled and ready to install
  • Control Box Installation Sleeve now included
  • Easy and versatile fitting due to the flex line configuration
  • Push Button Ignition and adjustable flame height
  • Flame Sensing Safety System – gas turned off if flame extinguished
  • Battery Operated no AC power supply required
  • Fitted with Standard H-Burner
  • Natural Gas version and bulk tank and small tank propane versions.
  • Propane options for either small tank usage or large bulk tanks – be sure to select the correct option
  • Drop In Fire Pit Pan and Burner – Made from #304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  • CSA certified fire pit kit






  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Burners -Lifetime Warranty
  • Stainless Steel Pan, Valve Box – Limited Warranty – Commercial 1 year – Residential 5 years
  • Electronics, Gas Valve -Limited Warranty – Commercial 1 year – Residential 3 years
  • Pilot Assembly -Limited Warranty – Commercial 1 year – Residential 2 year


Recommendations, Optional Extras, and Links to the products on The Magic Of Fire

Fire pits must have a gas shutoff to allow for emergency shut-off and maintenance. If you are also looking for a timer then there is an option that includes both of these features. The E STOP Gas Timer is one of the safest gas timers in the industry and it is a unique all-mechanical design that requires no power supply so it is very easy to install. Available in either a 1-hour Countdown version or a 2 1/2-hour Countdown.

HPC Push Button Flame Sense Downloads

Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing / HPC Fire    Instructions.Download
Rectangular Drop In Tray Flame Sensing / HPC Fire   Drawing Download
FPPK Flame Control System Manual    Download
HPC Rectangle Insert Cut Sheet  Drawing.   Download
HPC Valve Box FPPK Drawing.   Download

Prop 65WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD AND LEAD COMPOUNDS, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/

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