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Linear Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit

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Linear Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit 

The Linear Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit  is the perfect choice for an outdoor fire pit for either the professional and DIYer alike. All American Fireglass pans/trays are manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless steel and carry a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty so you can be assured of their longevity and durability.

This Kit is available in various sizes and the table below provides the specification for each size. This includes the BTU ratings, the required cut out size for each size tray etc.

Linear Fire Pit Tray Specification Chart

Easy To Install.

The Drop-In tray simply sits on the generous 1 1/4 inch lip on all sides of the tray. Installation could not be simpler, and with all the plumbing neatly hidden below the tray, you can be sure to create a great professional looking fire pit.

The tray/pan features drainage holes to ensure water runs out of the pan efficiently, and it has a pre-cut panel to simplify the installation of the Spark Ignition probe.

Linear Fire Pit Tray Features Diagram

To reduce the risk of any whistling noise the supplied burner has drilled gas ports ( as opposed to punched ) which also ensure a better quality flame due to the smooth flow of the gas from the port. Each pan is also fitted with a convenient 1/2″ nipple for easy attachment to propane or natural gas supply.

Using a fire pit pan/tray has several advantages. It provides stable support for the burner and separates the air mixer valve ( for propane applications ) from your fire glass/lava stones. Trays/pans also reduce the amount of fire glass or lava stone that you may need by providing a false bottom to your fire pit and thereby reducing the area that needs to be filled. Pans also help to minimize fuel settling below the pan and help your fire pit drain properly, failure to do so may result in injury or explosion.

Drop-In Tray Installation Diagram

The Gas Connection Kit.

Both the Propane and Natural Gas Connection Kits are supplied with a 1/2 inch Key Shut Off Valve which needs to be installed in an easily accessible location on your fire pit structure. The Key Valve is supplied with a Chrome plated Cover plate and a Chrome plated Key. On each side of the Shut Off valve are about 4 ft. of gas hose, one end connects to the base of your fire pit tray/pan the other to your gas source. For the Propane version, an Air Mixer valve and a Propane Gas Regulator ( suitable for a typical 20 lb Bottle ) are supplied.

The Spark Ignition Kit.

The Spark Ignition system is battery powered and needs no mains electrical supply to the fire pit. The Spark Probe is easily installed into the tray via the pre-cut installation plate. The Push Button Starter need to be install in an easily accessed position on your fire pit structure, typically adjacent to the Key Valve.




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Customer Reviews

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Charles Munday

Just received the 6 foot oil rubbed bronze rectangular fire pit with the lid and it looks REALLY NICE! Good quality and nice smooth finish...just hope it holds up over the years under the scorching Florida Sunshine! Chaz

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