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Scuppers & Water Features


Make a splash with our stunning selection of scuppers for your pool and water features.

Crafted entirely by hand from either high-grade Copper or Stainless Steel, each piece is measured, cut, and welded to perfection. With a range of styles to choose from, you should find the perfect match for your aesthetic, however if you have a very specific design in mind then we can arrange for a custom water feature manufactured to your exact specifications.

Key Features

• All scuppers and water features are manufactured entirely in the USA.

Designed to withstand both chlorine and saltwater pools
A durable lacquer coating is applied to slow down the natural patina.
Powder Coat Options are available

All Scuppers are individually handcrafted so finishes are subject to slight texture/color variations

Technical details

A ground wire port is included
1½” water inlet.
For scuppers with inlets, 1 inlet is added every 12″

Stainless Steel Water Scupper
Sedona Copper Fire and Water Gravity Spill Bowl

Water Features

We also have an entire range of water bowls and even fire & water bowls that incorporate the scupper feature.  

Water features come in a variety of shapes, and sizes and can be made from Smooth or Hammered Copper, Stainless Steel, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

There is a wide range of colors when opting for the Powder Coat GFRC along with Metallic, Textured and even Wood Grain finishes. They also come with different configurations of spillways and scuppers.

In fact each style of bowl is available as a simple planter bowl, water bowl, planter & water bowl, fire bowl and finally a fire & water bowl. 

For more information please head on over to our Fire & Water Bowls page.


These fire & water bowls are the perfect water feature for adding style and elegance to any backyard oasis

Bowl Collection

Luna Fire & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus
Luna Fire Bowl by The Outdoor Plus
Luna Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus
Luna Planter Bowl by The Outdoor Plus
Luna Planter & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus