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Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

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Timber Clad See Through Outdoor Fire Place

 Outdoor Gas Fireplaces create a subtly different ambiance to that of a fire pit.

Generally, people do not have a fire pit in their lounge, so going outdoors to gather around the fire pit is a transition.

However, going outdoors and sitting around your outdoor gas fireplace is more like an extension of your lounge, taking the familiarity of your lounge outside.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces Options:

There are a couple of options open to you if a fireplace is the direction you want to go.

To create a custom-designed fireplace will involve considerable stonework. Unless you are experienced in the handling and cutting of stone, you will need to join forces with a Stonemason.

This is a full-on nuts and bolts project, but necessary if you want to create a unique fire feature.

Alternatively, there are several fireplace kits available, which come in two forms:

1. The kit is complete and just needs assembly on site.
You choose the stone you want from the manufacturers’ selection. All the pieces are then delivered to you, cut, and shaped ready for you to assemble. A reasonably experienced DIY’er will only need an extra pair of hands to help assemble these types of fireplace kits.

2. You purchase the ‘chassis’ of the fireplace. You then cut and clad the chassis with the stone of your choice. Depending on your DIY skill set, you may need professional assistance to cut stone cladding, if that is the finish of your choice.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces
Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Building an outdoor fireplace has never been simpler with these kits, which are relatively easy to install. They do not require any chimney or venting and are the ideal basis for creating a professional-looking fireplace.

Designs range from contemporary to traditional.

Some models offer the option to be a see-through conversion kit ideal for using the fireplace as a divider, the flame being visible from both sides.

Unclad See-Through Outdoor Gas Fireplace
An Unclad See Through Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Of course, as with any outdoor fire feature, the appropriate materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures and weather conditions they endure, should be used in their construction.

Stainless Steel is proven to be the best option for the framework of the chassis type of kits as it is proven to be extremely durable and weather-resistant.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces create a great extension to your home, creating a cozy warm special place to share with your family and friends.

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