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Linear Burners

Linear Fire Pit Burners

Linear Fire Pit Burners create a single line of flame and is perfect for slimline fire pit structures installed in confined spaces.

The range of Linear Fire Pit Burners available here at The Magic of Fire starts at 16 inches long with a rating of 50,000 BTUs to 120 inches long and 240,000 BTUs.

Narrow and long fire pits with a linear burner are often used to delineate space in large areas such as Casinos, Hotel Foyers, and Restaurants.

They are also the ideal burner for Fire Pit Tables as a narrow longitudinal flame is required.

A fire pit table with Linear Fire Pit Burners
Linear Fire Pit Burner in a Table

Linear Burners may also be referred to as ‘T’ burners and can be bought as an individual item, although some manufacturers only supply the linear burner pre-installed in a linear fire pit tray.

Setting the Linear Burner in a fire pit tray is by far ‘best practice,’ as it is when installing any fire pit burner.

Linear Fire Pit Burner in Stainless Steel Drop-In Pan
Linear Fire Pit Burner in a Table

What To Look For in Linear Fire Pit Burners?

All top-quality fire pit burners should be manufactured from stainless steel or brass for durability. A fire pit burner exists in a very hostile environment.

In a matter of a few hours, their temperature could rise from below-freezing point to nearly 1,000 degrees and back to the freezing point again. They need to be tough!

Several manufacturers now supply their burners with Lifetime Warranties.

Also, look for burners with drilled gas holes as these create a smoother gas flow, which results in a better flame. Holes punched into the burner tend to leave a burr on the inside, which interrupts the gas flow and makes the flame flicker and possibly noisy.

The gas inputs should be either a half-inch (Standard capacity) or three-quarter-inch (High Capacity) diameter, to be compatible with standard gas connections.

Standard Linear Fire Pit Burners vs. Torpedo or Bullet Burners

If you are looking for extra visual impact and a taller flame, then opt for either the Linear Bullet Burner or the Linear Torpedo Burner as they generally produce about 50% more flame than a standard burner, or use less gas for a similar flame height! For more details on these spectacular burners head over to Linear Bullet Burners from The Outdoor Plus or the Linear SST Linear Torpedo Burners from HPC Fire. which generally produce about 50% more flame than a standard burner, and use less gas too!

If it’s a Liner Fire Pit Burner you need, then we’ve got you covered here at

Linear Bullet Burner

Linear Bullet Burner

Stainless Steel Linear Fire Pit Burner by The Outdoor Plus

Standard Linear T Burner

Linear Torpedo Burner