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Linear Bronze Match Light Kit from American Fireglass features their unique Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

The tray is manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, which is then subjected to a proprietary treatment involving the tray being hand-sanded and then finished by artisans.

The resulting deep and rich texture beautifully completes any outdoor decor theme.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Detail

Match Light Kits, or often referred to as Match Lit Kits, are the easiest type of fire pit ignition system to install, operate and maintain. And these Linear Drop-In pans are no exception.

Installation is straightforward. Create a cutout in the top surface of your fire pit structure, one inch larger than the given dimensions of the tray which is in fact the internal dimension of the pan. For example, the 30 x 6 sized tray requires a 31 x 7-inch cutout.

The tray then drops into the cutout, sitting securely on the generous inch and quarter lip or flange.

Using the gas connection supplied with the kit, connect the gas line to the base of the fire pit tray and the other end to your gas supply line, or propane gas bottle.

To light your fire pit, turn on the gas via the suppled gas shut off valve and ignite the gas with a taper or match.

You can adjust the flame height via the gas valve. To turn the fire pit off, just shut the gas valve.

The Linear Bronze Match Light Kit is available in five sizes and Natural Gas or Propane versions.

Along with the tray, the supplied burner is also manufactured from Stainless Steel, which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

This product qualifies for the American Fireglass Lifetime Warranty.

To complement and protect this unique looking fire pit tray., American Fireglass also produce matching Oil Rubbed Bronze Fire Pit Lids.

These lids straddle over the fire pit tray and keep out the dust, dirt and water so that your fire pit is always ready for use.

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Bronze Linear Match Lit Tray Specifications


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