HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified

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HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified

There are three sizes available, an 18″ Pan + 12″ Burner, a 24″ Pan + 18″ Burner, and a 30″ Pan + 24″ Burner.
This basic, HPC square fire pit kit comes unassembled, is non-certified and is ONLY for use with Natural Gas.

The kit consists of the following:

  • Square Flat Insert – Stainless Steel
  • Torpedo Penta Burner – Stainless Steel
  • Push Button Battery Spark Ignition Kit (AAA batteries)
  • Chrome Key Valve, mounting plate, and fittings
  • Gas Connections from burner to valve.


What is Push Button Ignition?

This is one step up from a Match-Lit fire pit. Push button spark ignition makes lighting your fire pits easier and more convenient. The Spark Ignition system is battery-powered. The probe is installed on the pan above the burner port hole and the push button is mounted on the fire pit structure alongside the gas key valve.

HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified
HPC Push Button Spark Ignition


How does it Work?

Fire Pit Start-Up
  1. Depress the push button switch to begin the spark.
  2. Open the manual valve by turning counterclockwise SLOWLY
  3. Release the push button switch when the flame is present
  4. Adjust the valve to desired flame height.
Fire Pit Shutdown:
  1. Close the manual valve by turning clockwise – the flame should extinguish
  2. Remove the key and place it in a safe location away from children
  3. Turn off the fuel supply when not in use.


What is a Torpedo Burner?

HPC Fire recently launched the Torpedo Burner range. Torpedo Burners incorporate patented technology that creates a bigger, warmer flame than the equivalent standard burners.

HPCs burners have earned a notable reputation over the years for providing a great-looking flame, with the Penta Burner developing almost a cult status. Now the Penta, H, and Linear burners are available in the Torpedo version, across the complete range of products.

Water infiltration into the burner and then running back through the gas lines is a significant issue. The HPC Penta and Torpedo Penta Burners deal with this in several ways.

Each of the five-burner lobes has to weep holes allowing any water that got in to drain out of the burner before it flows back into the gas lines. The center hub of the burner is raised and sealed to prevent water from leaking into the burner.

Watch the following video for more details.

HPC Stainless Steel Square Flat Inserts

HPC Square Flat Inserts or pans are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and are used in fire pit structures with a built-in support structure to hold the insert in place.

The flat pans are a little more economical than the bowl-style pan, but they do not have a lip for easy installation. The installer must find a way to support the flat pan, typically, this takes the form of  ‘Z’ brackets, or a built-in shelf or recess.

Any type of fire media can be used with an HPC square fire pit kit including fire glass, but the gap between the edge of the pan and the opening must be within a 1/8” to keep the glass from falling below the pan, so the larger the pieces of media the better for a flat pan.

HPC flat pans are cut out to size from a sheet of 18 gauge, .304 stainless steel and have ¼” weep holes for drainage.


What is the difference between a Non-certified and Certified Fire pit kit?

Across the HPC range, most of their ignition systems and pan/burner combinations are available with CSA Certification.

In many locations Building, Regulations/Codes may specify that a fire pit must have certified equipment installed. Failure to comply would mean that the project would fail the inspection and not be approved.

If the Regulations do not require you to install certified equipment in your location, you can utilize Non-Certified equipment.

Certified equipment, especially that which uses larger-sized burners, is generally restricted to a maximum BTU level.

For example, the 18-inch diameter Torpedo Penta burner supplied in this Non-Certified HPC square fire pit kit has a max BTU of 140,000.

The same burner used in the Certified models is restricted to 125,000 BTU.

Therefore you will get a bigger hotter flame from the Non-Certified model range.


HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified Specifications:

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HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified Warranty:

Stainless Steel Outdoor Burners – Lifetime Warranty
Stainless Steel Insert – Limited Warranty – Commercial-1 year   Residential-5 year

HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified Downloads:

HPC FPK Spark Ignition Safety Manual  Installation Manual
HPC FPK Burner Push Button Ignition   Diagram
HPC Square Flat Pan Drawings.           Square Flat Pans 
HPC Penta Burners                               Penta Burners



Why choose an HPC Square Flat Insert Torpedo Burner Push Button Ignition Non Certified?

There is no doubt HPC Fire is one of the leading manufacturers in the fire pit industry.

At the top of the list of requirements for every HPC product are safety and reliability. They have over 400 CSA Certified products offering you, the customer, the broadest range of options should your project require certified products.

All HPC Fire Burners carry their hassle-free Lifetime Warranty.

As an Authorized Retailer of HPC Products, we have access to their unrivaled technical support, should we require it.

Furthermore, we can actually put you in direct contact with their technical support staff if needed.

You will never go wrong choosing an HPC Fire product for your fire pit project.

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