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HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure

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HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure allows you to finish your fire pit to match its surroundings perfectly.

They also simplify the construction process and removing the guesswork, and significantly reduces the construction time, which is ideal for Contractors and Hardscapes companies.

These commercial grade enclosures are 18 inches tall, finished with a 1/2” Hardiboard shell fitted to a sturdy 22 gauge galvanized steel welded frame, and weighs 150 lb.

The HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure is designed to be fitted with a 25″ diameter fire pit pan and burner.

HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure kit consists of the Hardiboard, a Galvanized Steel Framed Enclosure, and a set of Stainless Steel Vents. The ventilation holes are pre-cut into the Hardiboard.

HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure


Any brand 25 inch pan and burner can be installed into the enclosure, but they are ideal for the HPC 25 inch drop in pan with Penta Burner and a selection of three ignition options for a complete fire pit kit, just add cladding.

HPC Compatible Burner and Ignition Options:

  1. Match Lit – easy to install and maintain kit manufactured from 304-Grade 18g Stainless Steel with flex gas line connection to 1/2 inch ball valve.
  2. Flame Sensing Kit – if the flame goes out, the flame monitoring system automatically cuts off the gas. This battery-operated system is a good solution for flame sensing necessity without AC power requirements. 
  3. Electronic Ignition – featuring the ignition ease of use via a wall switch or handheld remote to control flame as well as auto-relight if flame loss. 120VAC and 24 VAC versions available.

HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure Specifications:

HPC 54 Inch Enclosure Insert Options


All the ignition systems are CSA Certified, and the pans and burners have a Lifetime Warranty.

HPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure Downloads:


HPC 54 Inch Round Enclosure Drawing

Match Lit Kit Downloads

HPC Round Drop In Pan Match Lit Drawing

Fire Pit Insert – Match Lit

Flame Sensing Ki Kit Downloads

Fire Pit Insert – Push Button Flame Sensing

HPC Round Drop In Pan Flame Sensing Drawing

Electronic Ignition Kit Downloads

Fire Pit Insert – Electronic Ignition – EI OnOff

HPC Round Drop In Electronic Ignition Drawing



For residents of the State of California, theHPC Round 54 Inch Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure requires a California Prop 65 notification. Please take careful note of the following information:

Prop 65WARNING: California PROP 65: This product can expose you to Lead & Chromium, known to the State of California to cause cancer and congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


HPC Fire

HPC Fire, over the years, has become synonymous with innovation and quality within the Fire Pit Industry. All their products are offered with a broad range of control and styling options. Their designs are elegant and packed with innovative technology. Like all leading manufacturers in the fire pit industry, stainless steel features strongly as their primary production material, allowing HPC Fire to back all of their burners and fire pit trays with a Lifetime Warranty. HPC Fire is proud that its product range carries the most CSA Certifications of any company in the industry. Of course, they are best known for their Penta Burner, which has gained almost a cult following due to its excellent performance when the gas is turned down low and its very realistic campfire-style flame pattern. HPC Fire manufacture very high-quality products with innovative technology and elegant designs. You can't go wrong using HPC Fire products as the basis of your fire pit project, whether for home installation or a commercial project.
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None, 24VAC, 120VAC

Enclosure Options

Enclosure Only, Match Lit Kit, Flame Sensing Kit, Electronic Ignition Kit

Gas Type

None, Nat. Gas, Propane

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