HPC Rectangular Insert, Torpedo H-Burner, Match Lit, CSA Cert

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HPC Rectangular Insert, Torpedo H-Burner, Match Lit Kit

CSA Certification and Lifetime Warranty Badge

Match Lit Kits with Torpedo Burner ( TOR-MLFPK Series)

These Match Lit kits are HPCs’ most straightforward CSA certified Fire Pit Kits – easy to install, operate, and require a minimal amount of maintenance.

They feature HPCs new Torpedo ‘H’ Burner which the manufacturer states creates the biggest and warmest flame available. See the following video.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Lighting: Hold a long stem taper or lighter over the edge of the burner, then slowly open the key valve ( the key is locked in the valve when the gas is open and can only be removed when in the off position ).
  2. Flame Adjustment: The flame height can be easily adjusted by turning the key, anticlockwise increases the flame, and clockwise will reduce the flame.
  3. Turning Off: To shut down the fire pit, turn the key clockwise to the Off position, and remove the key. With the key removed, the gas can not be turned on.

Why Choose HPC Match Lit Kits?

  • They are fully assembled at the factory and arrive ready to install with easy to follow instructions
  • The flex line between the pan and the key valve creates a very versatile and straightforward installation process.
  • The kit includes a valve mounting bracket to ensure that the valve is securely and safely fixed in position
  • The Key Valve can be safely used to adjust the flame height
  • These kits are built and tested for use with either Nat. Gas or Propane.
  • Propane options for either small tank usage or large bulk tanks – be sure to select the correct option
  • No Hassle HPC Lifetime Warranty on the burner
  • CSA Certified to ANSI Z21.97-2017 / CSA 2.41-2014 for both USA and Canadian Standards.

Manufacturing Specifications:

  1. Manufactured from 304 Grade, 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  2. Burner has raised hub design to prevent water ingress
  3. The Insert has Weep holes for drainage
  4. Includes bolted gas fitting for extra strength
  5. Lifetime Warranty on burners

HPC Rectangular Insert, Torpedo H-Burner, Match Lit Kit Specifications:

HPC Rectangular Insert, Torpedo H-Burner, Match Lit, CSA Cert


Need More BTUs?

This range of Match Lit Kits from HPC are also available as a non-certified product, which produces a higher BTU rating for the respective size options.

Don’t Need A Torpedo Burner?

These units are also available with HPCs traditional ‘H’ burner.



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