HPC Rectangular H-Burner Insert

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HPC Rectangular H-Burner Insert

What are the Options when ordering your HPC Rectangular H-Burner Insert

Select Your Size
HPC has been phasing out the standard burner and replacing it with the Torpedo Burner.  While stocks so this model is only available in a few sizes.

To see the listing for HPC Torpedo H-Burner with Rectangular Pan with the full range of sizes, just click the link.

Please note that the sizes reflect the inside diameter of the pan (the base) and do not include the 1.25” lip.

Select Your Gas
Available in either Natural Gas or Propane versions.
The Natural Gas option includes the Pan and H-Burner
The Propane option is supplied with an appropriately sized air mixer and fittings along with the Pan and H-Burner


HPC Rectangular H-Burner Insert

HPC Rectangular H-Burner Insert

HPC Bowl Inserts are manufactured by forming or molding a sheet of 18 guage, 304 stainless steel over an existing shape. The resulting sidewalls and lip creates a much more ridged product than a flat pan as well as one that helps contain the fire media, preventing it it from spilling into the void beneath the pan. The benefit of this style of Insert is that it is easily installed by dropping it into an opening on the top surface of the fire pit structure, upon which the 1.25″ lip sits.  No further support is needed. The stainless steel lip will be on show, framing your fire media of choice which will be contained nicely within the 2.5″ deep Pan.


HPC H-Burner

The HPC H-Burner is built to last, it is made from #304 Stainless Steel and as such has a Lifetime Warranty. It is designed with the flame pointing inward giving you a full flame effect.
The raised hub guides water downward and out toward the weep holes located on the ends of the burner. The tooled weep holes are approximately 3/32 of an inch and allow any water that does enter, to drain out.



  • Factory built & tested for either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Made from #304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  • The Propane version is supplied with an appropriate air mixer and fitting
  • Lip is 1.25″
  • Pan depth is 2.5″

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Stainless Steel Outdoor Burners – Lifetime Warranty
Stainless Steel Insert – Limited Warranty – Commercial-1 year   Residential-5 year


Bigger Flames Needed?

These units can also be upgraded with HPCs new Torpedo Burner Range installed.  View the HPC Stainless Steel Rectangular Bowl Insert with Torpedo H-Burner here.
The spectacular new Torpedo H-Burner, features a nozzle that is precision-engineered and according to HPC develops a bigger, warmer flame without excessive gas consumption.
For more detailed information regarding the exciting new range of Torpedo Burners, please refer to the following page https://themagicoffire.com/torpedo-burners/


HPC Stainless Steel Rectangular Bowl Insert with H-Burner Downloads

HPC Rectangular H-Burner – Drawings  Download
HPC Rectangular H-Burner Insert – Drawings Download



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