Great News – New Product Range

Today I am very pleased to announce that at The Magic Of Fire we have just been appointed as a supplier of a great range of products, Firegear Outdoors.

They have a wide range of products that include fire glass, with some great new colors, fire pit burners and trays with all the accessories that you could want.

But what I am most excited about is the range of “ready to finish” fire pit enclosures, for gas fire pits.

A lot of people are put off building their own gas fire pit, not because of the ‘gas’ aspect, but by how they’re going to build the enclosure. With these kits the problem is solved for you.

Square Fire Pit Enclosure

The Square and the Linear kits come in ‘knock down’  form and can be bolted together in less than an hour, the round kit comes pre-assembled.

Once you’ve bolted them together, all you have to do is apply the cladding and top of your choice, and the burner, tray and connect it all up.

If you have everything on site, it is quite reasonable to expect to finish the project in one day!

Take a look and see what you think!

Square Fire Pit Enclosure Kit     Linear Fire Pit Enclosure KitRound Fire Pit Enclosure Kit

It will take a little while to list the full range of Firegear Outdoor products, but please be patient, they’re worth waiting for.

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