Flat Pan Stainless Steel Triple S Bullet Burner and Flame Sense Ignition

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Round Flat Pan Stainless Steel Triple S Bullet Burner and Flame Sense Ignition

This Outdoor Plus round fire pit burner kit sits somewhere between the very basic match-lit fire pit kits and the slightly more sophisticated Flame Sense with Spark Ignition Kits that are available on the market.

● The method of ignition is carried out manually by using a lit match or taper.

● It incorporates an important flame-sensing safety feature that you would find in top-of-range Electronic Ignition Systems whereby the flame is being monitored.

● It utilizes safety pilot flame control so if a loss of flame is detected, the system will turn off the gas supply preventing a potentially hazardous build-up or pooling of gas.

● Features the patented Bullet Burner® 

Triple S Stainless Bullet Burner
Bullet Burner vs Standard Fire Pit Burner Flame Height Comparison

A Standard Burner Flame vs. a Bullet Burner Flame

What is a Bullet Burner?

The patented Bullet Burner® is the perfect way to get more out of any fire pit.

What makes this so good is that you can expect to get the same flame height while using less gas than your standard fire pit burner. However, if a taller, more impressive fire pit flame is what you are looking for then simply open up the gas for dramatic effect.

The 1/2″ gas inlet makes it easy to swap out and the Bullet Orifice, which compresses the gas flow, also incorporates oxygen thus eliminating the need for an additional LP air mixer. Bullet Burners are suitable for either natural gas or liquid propane applications.

Stainless Steel vs All-Brass

The All-Brass Bullet Burner version is available, but this new variation makes the Bullet Burner more accessible because the gas ring is manufactured from stainless steel ( the all-important patented Gas Orifice remains Brass ) thereby reducing the cost.

What are the Options when ordering

This kit comes in a range of sizes and gas options to ensure that you end up with the ideal fire pit kit for your requirements.

Select Your Size
There are three sizes available. An 18″ Pan with 8″ Burner, an 18″ Pan with 12″ Burner and a  24″ Pan with 18″ Burner.
Select Your Gas
The kits are available for use with natural gas or propane, be sure to select the correct option.

Flame Sense with Spark Ignition version of this fire pit kit is also available in a separate listing. The size options include a 30″ Pan with 24″ Burner.

Fire Pit Gas Valve and control panel for flame sense models

How does it Work?

Once installed is remarkably easy to use.

● Lighting: To light your fire pit, you simultaneously press the valve control knob, which supplies gas to the pilot light, and use a  lit taper or kitchen lighter to ignite the gas coming out of the pilot. to light the fire pit. Once the pilot has lit, keep the valve control knob open for another 20 seconds or so. Turn the ON/OFF knob counterclockwise to light the main burner.

● Flame Adjustment: The flame height adjusts via the valve control knob. 

● Turning Off: Turn “off” the fire pit by slightly pressing and turning the valve clockwise to the “OFF” position. Slightly push in the ON/OFF knob and turn clockwise to extinguish the pilot.

● Flame Sensing: The system will turn off the gas if the flame is blown out or lost.

Round Fire Pit Kit with Bullet Burner Specifications:

Stainless Steel Bullet Burners are built to the same high-level specifications as the original all Brass range of burners. 

Each Bullet Burner is hand-crafted to order.

The fire pit pan and burner are made from .304 Stainless Steel.


● 18″ Pan with 8″ Bullet Burner – BTU rating 50,000 – 1/2″ Gas Inlet

● 18″ Pan with 12″ Bullet Burner – BTU rating 75,000 – 1/2″ Gas Inlet

● 24″ Pan with 18″ Bullet Burner – BTU rating 110,000 – 1/2″ Gas Inlet

● 30″ Pan with 24″ Bullet Burner – BTU rating 145,000 – 1/2″ Gas Inlet – not available with Match lit Flame Sense


Just like the All-Brass Burners, these Stainless Steel Bullet Burners are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty.

Video of a Bullet Burner put to the test!


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Flat Pan Stainless Steel Triple S Bullet Burner and Flame Sense Ignition Downloads:



Bullet Burner Manual



Prop 65 Warning 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, and Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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