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Fire Pit Kits with Flame Sensing Ignition

Flame Sensing Kits sit between Spark Ignition Kits and Electronic Ignition systems in the hierarchy of fire pit ignition systems.

However, this can cause some confusion because most, if not all, Flame Sensing Kits light the fire pit with a spark ignition system, and all Electronic Ignition systems are ‘Flame Sensing’.


So What Is a Flame Sensing Fire Pit Kit?

As the name suggests, a Flame Sensing Kit constantly monitors or ‘senses’ the flame. You light your fire pit with a battery-powered push-button system, just like a Spark Ignition Kit, but the big difference is that the Flame Sensing system then continually monitors the flame.

If the flame should accidentally extinguish due to high winds or some other reason, the Flame Sensing Kit automatically shuts off the gas.

By shutting off the gas, the system prevents the potentially dangerous build-up of a gas cloud, providing an added level of safety when compared to a more basic Spark Ignition system.

Stainless Steel Drop In Fire Pit pan with Torpedo Penta Burner and Push Button flame sense ignition valve box
HPC Round Pan with Flame Sensing Kit

What is the difference between Flame Sensing and Electronic Ignition Kits?

An Electronic Ignition system, which is the most sophisticated of the Fire Pit Ignition systems, performs the same monitoring of the flame and shutting off the gas if required.

However, before permanently cutting off the gas, the Electronic Ignition (EI) system automatically makes several attempts to relight the flame. If this fails, only then will it shut off the gas supply.

EI is a very sophisticated piece of equipment that can be operated from a distance with remote controls and even Apps downloaded to your mobile phone. 

Flame Sensing Kits like those above are battery powered. EI systems largely require mains electricity although there are a few battery powered units on the market. 

Both systems have an automatic flame sensing system. 

How does a Flame Sensing Fire Pit work?

The fire pit is simple to light. The control knob is turned to the on position and held in. The rapid ignition battery-powered push button is then pressed, causing the probe to spark which lights the gas. Once the thermocouple (sensor) warms up the control knob can be released.

The thermocouple ‘senses’ the presence of a flame. When heated, a voltage is generated which is used to open the gas valve. If the flame is extinguished the thermocouple cools down the circuit is broken and the gas valve can no longer be kept open, thereby shutting of the flow of gas to the burner.

Despite all the innovative technology that makes these systems work, they are remarkably easy to install. That is because the kits are supplied from the manufacturers in a ‘plug and play’ format.

The unit comes with the control panel, spark ignition and flame sensing system pre-installed. The fire pit tray is simply dropped in place, and the control panel securely fixed to your fire pit structure. It is very straightforward.

Flame Sensing Safety Kits are available in both Natural Gas and Propane versions.

Flame Sensing Control Panel
Control Panel for the American Fire Glass Flame Sensing Kits

All the major brands have Flame Sensing kits, which will include every configuration of fire pit tray. They are available in square, round, linear, and rectangular, and either drop-in or flat pan versions.

Flame Sensing Kits can also be retrofitted as some manufacturers provide the control unit connected to the flame sensor/ignitor as an individual product.


Custom Made Fire Pit Kits with Flame Sensing 

If you can’t find the right shape or size Insert for your project, help is at hand.  Working closely with two manufacturers has helped us provide customers with a fire pit kit tailored to their design specification, opening the door to many exciting possibilities.

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