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Round Wind Guards for Fire Pits

Fire Pit Wind Guard Round Configuration

Things to Consider 

  • Ensure that it is manufactured from Tempered Glass.
  • Rubber feet help provide traction which helps keep it from being blown around and prevents scratching of the fire pit surface.
  • Make sure to buy the correct size for your fire pit. Look at the footprint size or assembled size of the wind guard.
  • Make sure that it is compatible with your fire pit cover or lid.

Selecting the correct size wind guard for your fire pit

This does cause some confusion but is easier when you know how to use a fire pit wind guard.

  • Wind guards must never be located within the burn area of a gas fire pit, they should straddle over the burn area and sit on the upper surface of the fire pit structure.
  • A glass wind guard should also have at least 2.5 inches clearance on all sides, to the outer edge of the burn area.

To select the correct size wind guard for your fire pit, measure the length and width (or diameter) of your fire pits burn area, and add 5 inches to each dimension. The resulting dimensions are the minimum size glass wind guard that you should select for your fire pit.

Fire Pit Wind Guard Clearance Guide
Fire Pit Wind Guard Round Configuration Clearance