Fire Glass 2.0

A Uniquely Shaped Fire Glass from American Fireglass

Fire Glass 2.0 from American Fireglass is a unique take on the more traditional fire glass product.

American Fireglass has led the way in both quality and innovation in our industry, and with Fire Glass 2.0, they are continuing the trend.

The glass is a cuboid shape approximately a half-inch thick making this a solid chunky piece of glass with a luster finish that is ideal for larger fire pits and fireplaces.

The luster finish causes the glass to shimmer and shine in the light of the flame.

Fire Glass 2.0

It is available in a range of six colors, two of which are particularly quirky.

As with all American Fireglass, it is manufactured from tempered glass and is compatible with either Natural Gas or Propane.

Fire Glass 2.0 is very durable and, if used correctly, will last you a lifetime; indeed, it has a Lifetime Warranty.

Top-quality fire glass such as this does not emit any harmful or toxic fumes; it will not create smoke, ash, or soot. As a result, it is virtually maintenance-free.

Larger fire features require a lot of glass to fill them. However, you can reduce the amount of fire glass you need by using a lava rock filler underneath your fire glass.

Fill your fire pit tray up to the level of the top of the burner, or even a little more with small-sized lava rock. We recommend the quarter to half-inch size.

You can then install your chosen fire glass or larger lava rocks on top of the filler.

Installing Fire Glass on Lava Rock

Typically, this reduces the amount of fire glass required by about fifty percent.

At some point in the future, you may look at your fire glass and think it has lost a bit of its shine. Over time, dust and dirt particles will inevitably get deposited on the glass.

To clean your glass, simply wash in a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar, rinse thoroughly, and allow it to dry before re-installing in your fire feature.

If you want to make a big, bold statement with your fire feature, you’ll have to go a long way to beat the impact that Fire Glass 2.0 has.