Fire and Water

Fire and Water are two of the planets’ most potent elements, and when combined in a fire feature, it is with stunning effect.

Fire bowls that feature the Fire and Water combo are more often than not used as an aesthetic feature rather than a social one around which will people will congregate.

For example, you often see Fire and Water Bowls as a feature around swimming pool areas. They are ideal to be put on top of a pedestal too!

They also do a great job of delineating a landscaped area.

Fire and Water Bowl

A mains power supply is essential for all Fire and Water features and while some have self-contained reservoirs of water, others will require a constant supply.

Our biggest range of these beautiful fire feature is from The Outdoor Plus company in California. They manufacture their bowls from two main mediums.

Their concrete bowls made from color-matched Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC ) are extremely durable and undergo some pretty rigorous testing involving driving a large truck over them and dropping them from a great height! Watch the video.

They also manufacture a range of metal bowls. These are made from the highest grade of materials for durability, but they will patina beautifully over time and can resist the natural elements.

There is a comprehensive choice of finishes and textures in both the Concrete and Metal bowls. Your hardest decision isn’t whether or not you want one, but which one to have.

All these bowls are available with either Electronic or Match Lit Ignition systems, and there are different sizes to choose from too.

As if all that isn’t enough choice, there are different configurations in the way the water flows from the bowl. There is a single spout version where the water flows from just a section of one side of the bowl. There is also the 360 on which the water flows over the entire rim. Alternatively, the 4-Way has four separate spouts from where the water flows.

If you’re looking to create a Fire and Water feature to blend in with its surroundings, you might consider the Fire/Water Insert from HPC. This is an entirely self-contained ‘plug and play’ system that you clad with the finish of your choice, and it’s ready to light.

If it’s Fire and Water you’re looking for at The Magic Of Fire we’ve got you covered.