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Echo Hue 24 Sound Reactive Fire Pit Desert Red / Music City Fire

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Echo Hue 24 Fire Pit Desert Red

Because it is manufactured by Music City Fire, you know that this conventional design of fire pit is, of course, anything but conventional!

Manufactured from marine grade Aluminum and finished with a two-tone powdered coating creating a stunning looking unit that is extremely durable and ideally suited to your outdoor entertainment area.


Echo Hue 24 Sound Reactive Fire Pit Desert Red

The Echo is supplied as standard as a Propane unit, the gas bottle can be located inside the unit via the easily accessible magnetic door. A Natural Gas conversion kit is also available.

There are two sizes in the Echo range, the Echo 24 has a 24″ 75,000 Btu linear stainless steel burner set in a black matte finish pan. The Echo Hue 24 measures 44″ x 24″ x 21″ and weighs 80 lbs. ( There is also the Echo Hue 36 version that measures 56″ x 24″ x 21″ )

The Echo Hue base is available in 5 different colors, Desert Red, Desert Mauve, Ironside Grey, Ozo Tech Blue and Midnight Blue and they are supplied as standard with a black top. There is an optional upgrade to a Carbon Fibre top.

The Carbon Fibre Top Option

In Carbon fiber, the carbon is always black. The fiber the carbon is woven with is dyed to provide a striking shot of color. From a distance the top will be high gloss black. When the light reflects off the top, the color will show.

Carbon Fibre Red Top Option

Desert Red Carbon Fibre Top Option

 Complete Outdoor Entertainment System 

 To judge this fire pit table on its good looks alone would be to completely miss the point, because the Echo is not just a handsome fire pit, it is a member of the newest generation of fire pits which are in fact, complete outdoor entertainment systems. Yes the next generation of fire pits are here!

 The Echo can be used in four modes:

  1. Fire Pit Only
  2. Music Mode Only
  3. Fire Pit and Music Mode
  4. Sound Reactive Mode


Straight forward enough the Fire pit operates only as a fire pit.


This fire pit is fitted with a custom designed Harman/Kardon music system. The system features 2 x 6″ 180 watt Harman/Kardon ‘weather ready’ speakers especially designed for the fire pit. You can stream you music to the system from virtually any device or via USB or Aux In/Out. If you have a modern TV set in your outdoor entertainment area you can even listen to it via the fire pit speakers!

Harman/Kardon Weather Ready Speakers


Of course you can enjoy your music and relax watching the flames of the fire pit simultaneously. You wouldn’t expect any thing less of such a sophisticated piece of equipment.


Sound Reactive Mode. Turn on your music, light your fire pit, and select Sound Reactive Mode and astound your friends and family as the flame starts to dance in time to the music! ( Watch the video below )


Each unit is also fitted with LED lights that create a pool of light that flows from underneath the fire pit structure.


The whole system can be operated by the Touch Screen Panel mounted on the fire pit. Alternatively you can download the App for either Android or iPhone allowing you to control the complete system form your mobile or tablet.

ECHO HUE 24  – Features and Specifications:

  • Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Optional Carbon Fibre Top
  • Handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Features Adjustable Flame Height Control
  • Features Four Modes: Music Responsive, Fire and Music, Fire Only, and Music Only
  • Includes Built-In Touch Control Panel
  • Features Bluetooth, Aux In, Aux Out, and USB Connectivity
  • Charge via USB while Connected
  • Control the Settings with iPhone or Android Device
  • Two 6″ Harman Kardon Weather Ready Speakers
  • Features Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Compatible for Propane or Natural Gas with Conversion Kit (Sold Separately)
  • 24″ Liner Stainless Steel Burner set in Matte Black tray
  • Maximum Heat Output: 75,000 BTUs
  • Product Dimensions: 44″ W x 24″ D x 21″ H
  • Weight: 80 lbs


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