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Driftwood Twigs Log Set was is compatible with any size fire pit or fireplace. The individual logs range from 10 – 14 inches in length

The set consists of six ceramic fiber composition logs inspired by washed-out beach wood and twigs. The full set weighs in at about 22 lbs.

Driftwood Twigs Log Set

The ceramic composition is exceptionally durable and heat resistant.

The manufacturer recommends when installing these logs into a linear fire pit or fireplace position the logs so that they are out of direct contact with the flame.

Place them parallel to and just to each side of the burner.

When installed in a round or square fire pit or fireplace, they can be positioned in any way you want.

Whatever the configuration of the fire pit or fireplace, install the log set on a bed of lava rock.

Over time you may notice that there is an accumulation of soot that has built up on the logs. This is perfectly normal.

To clean the log set, first, remove from the fire and then use a brush to remove the soot.

Driftwood Twigs Log Set Instructions

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