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Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl

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Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl

Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl offers a modern twist on the traditional square-shaped tapered square bowl. It features a beautiful, curved structure that will provide visual delight to both you and your guests.

If you are designing a landscaping or hardscaping project, continuity can be an essential feature.

Within The Outdoor Plus range, there is an equivalent Planter Bowl and Planter and Water Bowls for every design of Fire Pit Bowl.

The continuity of bowl designs allows you to match bowl styles and colors but with different features. The full range consists of Fire BowlsFire and Water Bowls, Water Bowls, Planter Bowls, and Planter and Water Bowls.

Cazo GFRC Planter Bowl - Ash
Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl – Ash


The Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl is manufactured from GFRC ( Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ). The bowls are about 50% lighter but considerably more robust than if made from pure concrete.

It is almost inevitable that over its lifetime, the bowl will sustain some scratches or dents.

The manufacturing process involves infusing the color of the bowl throughout its entire thickness.

As a result of the color infusion, any such dings in the bowl’s surface that may occur over its lifetime will be far less visible than if the color was just on the outer layer and scratched off.

There is a choice of eighteen colors for these bowls, divided into three groups, Standard, Rustic and Metallic.


Standard Colors


GFRC Standard Colors
GFRC Standard Colors


Rustic Colors


GFRC Rustic Colors
GFRC Rustic Colors


Metallic Colors


GFRC Metallic Colors
GFRC Metallic Colors


Choosing the color – Important Notes:

Because these Planter Bowls are made to order, there will be slight variations in each order’s final color and texture.

Once you have selected your color, we recommend that you request a sample of your color choice for your final approval.

Use our ‘Contact Us‘ form; let us know your color choice and your full address and we will have a color sample sent to you.

Each of The Outdoor Plus Company’s bowls are made to order; therefore, all sales are final.



The Cazo Planter Bowl Range is available in 4 sizes, defined by the top diameter measurements of 24, 31 ,36 and 48 inches in diameter.


Cazo Concrete Planter Bowl Dimensions

Model Number

Dimension 'A'

Dimension 'B'

Dimension 'C'


24 inches

9 inches

9 inches


31 inches

10 inches

10 inches


36 inches

14 inches

12 inches


48 inches

20 inches

16 inches



The Outdoor Plus

The Outdoor Plus ( T.O.P. ) company is rightly proud of its Made in America badge. They manufacture, by hand, all their fire pits, fire bowls, fire and water features, and burners at their 70,000 square foot facility in Ontario, California. With 75 years of experience, it is no surprise that they are among the most innovative companies in our industry. Not only with their designs, but also with the materials that they utilize. The Outdoor Plus was one of the first companies to use Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC ) and Corten Steel to manufacture fire pits. They are renowned for their fire and water features too. Fire and Water Bowl Across all their fire pit ranges, there is a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes available. You would be hard-pressed not to find just what you need. If the more traditional look is what you need, the range of copper fire pits and fire bowls is stunning. However, The Outdoor Plus company is probably best known for its patented Bullet Burners.
The Outdoor Plus Bullet Burner
The Outdoor Plus Bullet Burner
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Additional information

Select Size

24" Diameter, 31" Diameter, 36" Diameter, 48" Diameter

Select Color ( GFRC range )

Ash, Black, Brown, Chestnut, Chocolate, Gray, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pearl, Metallic Silver, Metallic Slate, Natural Gray, Rustic Coffee, Rustic Gray, Rustic Moss Stone, Rustic White, Vanilla, White Limestone