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Bronze Round Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit



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Bronze Round Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit

All American Fire Glass Fire Pit Pans and Trays are manufactured from high-quality 304-grade Stainless Steel, and the new Oil Rubbed Bronze range is no different. The kits are highly durable and ideal for the outdoor environments they are designed for. The deep, rich texture of the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish starts with a proprietary coating procedure that is then hand sanded and finished by artisans. As such, the depth of the color will vary with each pan, creating a unique piece. The Pans will blend seamlessly into any color theme, but it is particularly suited to rustic style environments.

What the Kit consists of:

The Bronze Round Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit is available in two sizes, 19″ and 25″.
This Kit consists of the Drop-In Pan with burner, the Gas Connection kit which includes a Key Valve with Chrome Faceplate and Key, Gas Hoses and a Push button Spark Ignition System. Propane versions also included an Air Mixer Valve and a standard Propane Regulator so it is important to select the correct Gas option that corresponds with your gas supply.

Round Drop-In Pan

Drop-In Pans simplify the installation process and allow for simple removal during maintenance. As the name suggests the Pan literally drops into your fire pit structure and sits securely on the generous 1.25″ flange or lip.
The base of the Pan has weep holes for drainage and a removable access plate for the easy installation of the Spark Ignition probe.


Bronze Round Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit

If you are using Propane to fuel your system then it is generally considered best practice to use a tray or pan, and may, in fact, be a requirement of local codes. Why? Propane is heavier than air, so once it is released through the gas ports of the burner, its natural tendency is to sink lower. The tray helps contain the propane gas, reducing the risk of pockets of unburnt gas collecting within the fire pit structure.
The tray is a great container for your fire pit media, be it fire glass or lava rock, holding it securely, and not allowing it to spill over. It also greatly reduces the amount required, which also helps keep the overall cost down.
The following chart provides you with all the specifications you need for each size, including the BTU rating of the burner, and the recommended amount of Fire Glass your selected tray will require.

Pan Size

Pan Information

Burner Information

**Fire Glass 

Pan Internal Dimensions

Lip Size

Pan Overall Dimensions



Cut Out


Burner Size Diameter

*B.T.U./Hour rating max

Quantity required


19” Dia.


21.5” Dia.

2.5” Dia.

20” Dia.



38 lbs


25” Dia.


27.5” Dia.

2.5” Dia.

26” Dia.



65 lbs




The Gas Connection Kit

The components of the Gas Connection Kit are a Gas Valve with a Chrome Cover Plate and Chrome Key along with a black gas hose fitted to either side of the Gas Valve, one of which you will connect to the Fire Pit Pan, the other to your gas supply.

The Natural Gas option is supplied with 1/2″ flair connection ends and a 1/2″ flair to 1/2″ pipe adapter.


The Propane option is supplied with 3/8″ flair connection ends and a 3/8″ flair to 1/2″ pipe adapter, an Air Mixer Valve and a Propane Gas Bottle Regulator.
(Please note this Propane system is only for use with Propane Bottled Gas, not large domestic Propane tanks)


The Push Button Spark Ignition System

A battery-powered Push Button Spark Ignition System means that there is no need to be running a mains electricity cable out to your fire pit’s location. Simply bolt the spark probe vertically onto the base of the tray where indicated using the mounting plate provided, and attach the ground wire and probe lead to the back of the push button unit you have fitted into your custom-made ‘control panel’. For convenience, we recommend installing the push button next to the Shut Off Key Valve supplied with your kit. For a generic push button ignitor mounting plate, click the link.  Once installed, turn on the gas, push on the button, and you have fire! No matches blowing out, no damp tapers not lighting. This is a civilized way to light your fire pit!


Bronze Round Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit:

– Material: Hand-crafted with high-quality stainless steel
– Finish: Hand finished Oil Rubbed Bronze
– Features: Holes in the burner are drilled and not punched (punched holes can cause a loud whistle)
– Includes: Built-in 1/2″ gas inlet on bottom of burner for easy installation
– Use: Outdoor vented natural or propane gas burning fire feature ONLY
– Warranty: 5 Year manufacturer warranty


Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best From Your Fire Pit Kit

– Ensure you have sufficient gas pressure to ‘power’ your burner’s BTU rating
– Don’t forget to provide ventilation in your fire pit structure, at least 18 sq. in. on two opposing sides
– If using Propane ensure the venting is at the lowest point in the structure
– With Propane, it is better to use 1/2″ size fire glass
– If possible set your drop-in tray at least 2″ below the top of your fire pit structure ( to avoid the wind extinguishing your flame )
– Re: Above, if not possible use a fire pit wind guard
– Protect your Investment with a matching Oil Rubbed Bronze Fire Pit lid
– Use a qualified Gas Technician
– Check your local codes regarding gas fire pit usage, it may have to be inspected and licensed
– For a more detailed explanation of any of the above, please see our Tech Tips section


Bronze Round Drop-In Pan with Spark Ignition Kit Manual.   Download here

Spark Ignition Kit Manual.   Download here


Prop. 65 Warning:  This product may contain compounds known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Additional information

Weight 0.48000005291094877 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in
Item Condition



American Fireglass

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